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on doppler 7hd right now. but we are watching some fog that formed in santa rosa and novato and along half moon bay of the as you look at live doppler 7hd, the temperatures are down into the upper 30s range around napa, novato. 40s for most other areas, half moon bay 39, 50 in san francisco. heading into a cold morning especially in the valleys. bundle up when you leave home. i will be back with a sweet valentine's day forecast and a look at when you are going to need the umbrellas. we have showers coming too. dan, carolyn? >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>> new at 11:00, police are getting out the word of a frightening crime in santa cruz. the violent crime that happened to a uc santa cruz student who was waiting at a bus stop. >> and mardi gras makes a stop. where to find your own fat tuesday. >> and the man these people waited in line for hours to see. >> and then late other "jimmy kimmle live." >> we have music from ellie golding and jessica alba and our new kissing booth. are you ready to make out with strangers, jessica? looks like she is ready. >> we >>> a uc santa cruz student is re
one person who represents thousands across the world. his name is malan rosa. i told jonathan this story and i decided to include it here. he's someone who reached out to us because he couldn't get anyone else. central europe last year, budapest, the czech republic had gone from a leading country in central europe, leading the region in laws and in the constitution of equality 16 years ago to a complete reversal today. it's got one of the worst records today of the deprivation of rights of women, roma people, jews, and lgbt people. sound familiar, that grouping? i was not prepared for what i was going to find in budapest. i was not prepared for the thousands ofneo nazis and state sanctioned militia that would meet a couple hundred marchers, thousands of them. * there was one young man, 21 years old, young hungarian, who would be the only person to go on tv with me, only hungarian, malan would take a blow horn and walk through the streets against families that hated us, and he walked and he shouted and he kept the morale up as we were walking against this sea of people who didn
decidiÓ posar con los brazos abiertos. >> se ve con el color de rosa bastante grandecita . >> no se escandalicen, todos hacen esa pose, es como que la g gente lo hace. >> pero no se viste como ella. >> sÍ, pero no las suben en twitter y no son tan famosos com oec como ella. >> pero mira como se ve con este vestido. >> pero si estÁ embarazada. >> ah verdad. >> hello, vamos a hacer esa f o fotografÍa, ponte asÍ raÚl, como no pude ir a rÍrÍo de janeiro, o ko¿cÓmo lucimos? raÚl no te a e aproveches. >> yo estoy mirando y no ha h h hecho nada raÚl, mentiroso. >> mentiroso. >> que va, no se puede. >> mentiroso, mira la cara >>> no crea que ve doble, se trata de gemelos artistas. y muchos no saben que cada vez que entramos a baÑos pÚblicos gÉrmenes estÁn al acecho. ahora mismo en "primer impacto." >>> quÉ tal, les saluda bÁrbara bermudo. dicen que los gemelos comparten su arma y que tienen su conexiÓn extrasensorial. y este el caso de estas personas que tienen 63 aÑos. vamos a conocerlos. >>> son piezas tan originales que no hay dos iguales. pero si observamos parecie
're seeing a beautiful sunset. santa rosa, so far today, with 60 degrees. napa, 63. sfo so far, 56. 57 in san jose. monterey, 54. here's a look at the current readings. a shot from the high definition roof top cam, showing the bay bridge, clear sky. 58 in oakland. petaluma, 54. livermore, 57. from the mt. tamalpais camera you can see the wind at higher elevations really strong out of the north and that is what cleared the low clouds and fog well off the coast and making it chilly across the bay area. santa rosa, 57. 57, fairfield, and los gatos, 56. here's what you can expect forecast headlines, clear and breezy overnight. sunny for sunday. west wind, which means temperatures come up a little bit, and then next week, milder days ahead. we're talking temperatures near 70 degrees for the latter part of negligence week. high pressure, still in control, although today we did have a little bit of area of low pressure. we call this an inside slider, moving through the spine of the sear a -- sierra. saw a little snow last night. the high pressure will build in and it's going to push the storm track
meatballs. >> plenty of widespread sunshine today, temperatures close to 70 in san rafael, and santa rosa in 69, we will talk about a warming seven-day forecast forecast coming up. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ clarify when they should treat with over the counter pain relievers or plain observations. listen to these numbers, half of all women will have a osteoperosis related fracture in their lifetime. a u.s. taskt force that the popular practice may do nothing. instead, the best source of calcium is through your diet, milk, yogurt and leafy greens, as for vitamin d, they suggest is you eat leafy greens and get sunshine. >> vitamin d and supplements may not reduce the risk or affeldt fra
in santa rosa, 4. 47 in fairfield with a pretty gusty wind there. concord 39. gilroy and los gatos in the low to mid-40s. this is the reason some of you are feeling warmer. we have northerly winds and with those northerly winds the atmosphere is well mixed. that's allowing for temperatures to stay up, especially at the airport. the north wind at 22 miles an hour. we are looking at lighter north winds around the bay. but with a warmer start and a warmer atmosphere we will allow for temperatures to see a rebound today. more 60s around the bay. so sunny skies. it will be warmer. dry and mild for the rest of the week. it looks like march coming in like a lamb. and the next possibility of rain may be looking into the next weekend. so we will see a couple of systems drop our temperatures from day-to-day, but overall high pressure as it gets closer to the coast is going to allow for the warmup today. a couple weak systems every other day will flatten the ridge, then it rebuilds. that will being the pa earn right on through the rest of the week until thursday and friday. then the numbers r
for you. >>> in december, 1955, rosa parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. and it changed this country. >> i didn't move because i didn't feel like it was helping us and making things lighter for us, me as an individual and us as a people, to continue to be push pushed around because of our race and color. >> she sat down and stood up for equality. i had the honor of speaking at her funeral in 2005 and called her the mother of the nation. >> rosa parks is not in history because she made some movie or sung some song. rosa parks is in hi ri because she made this nation deal with changing the laws and policies of this nation unlike anybody else. >> and, today, on her hundred birthday, i say what i said at her funeral. we all should make a rosa resolution. resolve to do something. if you can't speak up, write out. if you can't write out, participate. or do like rosa. find a way to sit and get in the way. do as rosa parks. make a difference. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >> wild rover. let's play "hardball." >> good eveni
for today. temperatures were held down thanks to the cool breezes. out of the northwest. accept rosa, 60. 63, napa. concord, 60. 57 in san jose. monterey, 54. right now from the high definition roof top camera, beautiful shift of the embarcadero and number are starting to go down, san francisco, 32 right now. 51 in san jose. petaluma, 40s. 54 in live moore, and here's another live look from our mt. tamalpais camera, richardson bay down here, san francisco in the background. clear skies but the camera bobbing as the winds are still gusting. santa rosa, 5 5. concord right now, 53. here's a look at the forecast. highlights. we'll go with clear sky. breezy overnight. get ready for more sunshine for sunday. less wind, which means temperatures come up a few more degrees. next week looks terrific. going to feel like spring, especially thursday and friday, with highs climbing close to 70. we'll take that. the wind will die down tonight and that going to mean temperatures coming down a few more degrees. in the north boy, mid-30s, and east bay locations. so look for 40s near the peninsula. le half m
rosa. earlier upper 60s around parts of sonoma county. we have the winds out of the north. notice a bit of an on shore push as the weather system brings in more clouds tonight. i think there is enough lift to toss a chance of a few showers and maybe drizzle on the coast very early tomorrow morning. after that we are talking about a dry week. warming temperatures as we finish off february and move into march with more dry weather. you might notice a few of the high clouds coming by as high pressure temporarily gets dented by the weather system. it is not going to clear the way. we will see more clouds briefly. wednesday, thursday, friday the high will build back across northern california and give us a slight offshore wind pattern. for the bay area especially friday into next weekend inland valleys seeing 70s. this should be the first day of march. as we go into next weekend we will see 70s inland and temperatures staying mild. tomorrow morning maybe a few sprinkles or stray showers. after that mostly sunny skies and high clouds drifting through to go into tuesday. wednesday will probabl
degrees. another look at san francisco, santa rosa at 58, and napa 54 and forward at 56 and los gatos still cool but you will catch up at 45 degrees. today, passing cloud and not so warm as yesterday, and it will be clear tonight and cooler especially inland and we will have a chance of frost in the deepest valleys. a dry forecast will extend probably another seven days with the warm peeking on -- peaking on friday or saturday. san jose maybe a degree warmer and san francisco and concord and santa rosa one to three degrees cooler. not much difference unless you are near the coast or higher elevations. behind you, you can see all the clear air tonight and tomorrow. in the south bay, santa clara valley, san jose 63 and santa cruz, same thing, low-to-mid 60's on the plane and dropping down to 357 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast, and up north all the inland valleys the low-to-mid 60's and sausalito, upper 50's. and low-to-mid 60's long the east bay shore and 59 in san ramon and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's in the east bay, and traveling around the state, look how
cansa al aire tenemos los detalles >>> y no se pierda el nuevo video musical de draco rosas y sigue calvario de pasajeros de crucero.recuperan cadaver en "big bear".chicago nombra a "el chapo" guzman "enemigo publico numero uno".que tal, les habla enrique acevedo.mas de "4 mil 200" personas a bordo del averiado crucero "triumph" enfrentan otra noche bajo condiciones adversas.las autoridades recuperaron un cadaver quemado en la cabaqa donde christopher dorner se parapeto durante un tiroteo y encontraron la licencia de conducir del ex policia de los angeles. la "dea" y la comision del crimen de chicago declararon al narcotraficante mexicano "enemigo publico numero uno", la primera informacion en despierta america. segÚn una pÁgina web que invita a la fidelidad el precio de febrero esamorosos por eso unos prensa rÍ empresarios canadienses hicieron una pÁgina durante todo el aÑo y veamos el Éxito entre los hispanos veamos >>> este colombiano llamado fero cayÓ en las redes y en la tentaciÓn >>> quiÉn me huis ser infiel la curiosidad como la satisfacciÓn que sentÍa. >>> su aven
of the day we have a lot of sunshine today and temperatures in the mid-60s into santa rosa, 63 in san jose. about 59 in san francisco. should be a nice weekend, cooler on saturday, warming back up on sunday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. >>> a former mayor -- >> i wasn't satisfied. >> why illness drove her to gamble more than $1 billion. >> a new survey finds one-third of the fish you buy is sold under the wrong name. it costs you money and could threaten your health. we'll find out what you can do to get what you're paying for. >> plus a look at nike's ties to another athlete in trouble. on "cbs this morning." to nike in tro . >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by rock skin care the anti-aging skin experts. anti-aging experts. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bite
. >>> coming up, we will show you how civil rights icon rosa parks is making history again here in washington. >>> a major transportation bill in virginia is one step closer to becoming law. the latest from richmond. >> we should be able to walk in public and people should actually feel safer because we have them on. >> yes, those were customers not police officers with guns at their hips during your coffee break today. i'm bob barnard with a starbucks surprise and what this was about.  almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >>> civil rights icon rosa parks made history in 1955, when she refused to give up her seat to a white person and move to the back of the bus. today, a statue o
. it was up to 73 in santa rosa. san jose got up to 72. salinas 81. that tied its previous record set for this day. this is spring-like warmth in the middle of february. i'll let you know if it will carry over to for your holiday weekend, and when that storm makes it to the bay area in a few minutes. dan? >> sandhya, thank you. >>> southern california authorities say fugitive excop christopher dorner died from a gunshot wound to the head, probably self-inflicted. dorner died on tuesday in a cabin that burned to the ground in a firefight. the owners of the home looked at the rubble. they say he probably killed himself when he realized there was no way out. authorities recovered silencers and assault weapons at sites connected to him. >>> a teacher accused of stealing from her own students. it happened west of stockton in the san juaquin county. the teacher was count in the act on this cell phone video. you can see the teacher going through a pink backpack. she appears to find money and take it out. students set up the camera after they notice things missing from their bags. the teache
. santa rosa went etch. mostly sunny. it will be nice here tuesday, and wednesday. everything turns around sunny side up and warmer. it will take us into the weekend. >>> first lady michelle obama made a surprise appearance at last nights oscars. >> and the oscar goes to argo. >> argo. a story about the rescue of six u.s. diplomats during the 1979 hostage crisis. the film directed by ben affleck and produced by george clooney wases favorite to win. we'll go live to hollywood for more of the winners. >>> results of a big night for emery based pixar. brave took home the best animated picture film. brave also made pixar history as the first film ter in the le role. >>> now outside holly good the biggest oscar party around was right here in san francisco. last night the academy of friends sponsored a party supporting six local hiv charities. it featured its own red carpet and gold statues and silent auction. it is biggest hiv fundraiser the academy of friends has all year. >> we had an oscar party last night. nothing like that. very small. >> you weren't painted gold. >> no. >>> time now 5:38.
coming up. 68 in santa rosa, 67 in san rafael. cooler back in the east bay after that the cold start with 63 in concord, 26 in livermore. quite a bit warmer down in the south bay. we got in on the 70s like dil gilroy at 72. feels more like late april and early may. santa cruz at 71. san jose at 6 and los gatos in the mid 60s. a few other spots that did reach into the 70s, we had scotts valley at 71, then you had cupertino at 70. san jose upper 60s. i want to put a pause on things for a moment. take a look at january winter extremes. anything unlike january should feel like here. throughout the entire month, the south bay has only had seven days of rain .69. we should have 2.081. with so much clear weather, the north bay has been stuck in the freezer. 16 days at or below 32 degrees and the average low is 37. at the coastline, this is where we put the wild twist on things. .at the coastline light offshore winds, that's where we had six days at 70 degrees and or above throughout santa cruz. outside of the sky camera network, there's the haze. the poor air quality we're under in the sant
. little cooler yesterday by a couple of degrees. 67 in santa rosa, 64 in san jose and 66 in santa cruz. here it is your super bowl forecast for tomorrow in new orleans, temperatures by kickoff at 65 degrees, 61 by halftime and 58 by the fourth quarter, so very similar to what we see here in the bay, even tomorrow we're expecting a bright day across the bay, we'll get more on your seven-day forecast coming up. >>> and the countdown to kickoff is on. the super bowl now just one day aw away. take a look at this void yes from san francisco overnight, the sky mixed with some slow-lying clouds, all lit up in 49ers red and gold. it was quite a sight to see as 49ers fever is in full force this morning all throughout the bay area. >>> meanwhile in the big easy it is brother against brother and it will be a first when jim harbaugh and john harbaugh take the field for the big showdown tomorrow. ed fareed from comcast bay area sports joins us. i don't know about you, but we can't wait. >> reporter: chris we've been waiting this for two weeks and at this our in new orleans, we're on the banks of th
rosa and oakland. so enough to stir some of that air out there. and in napa a lot warmer than santa rosa. take a look at when's happening here. they are 39 degrees with just a very light breeze and calm over at the airport. 47 in napa where i just showed you that breeze. and so again there is evidence there when you have that wind it will help to prevent that cold air from kind of sinking right there along the valley floor. 37 in concord. 37 in walnut creek. so a chillier start in many areas. you're 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. around the bay area, widespread, mid-40s to the lower 50s. so not bad outside your door. if i back up this way, look at the pattern here. so there's the system that brought us a few sprinkles early yesterday morning. and now well off to the east. we have a ridge beginning to build on in. as it strengthens, the wind will begin to decrease and that will happen later on today. right now we still remain with a pretty good grade. and that is what's continuing our morning breeze. so in a nutshell sunny skies today. breeze for the morning hours. we'll s
are definitely possible. 35 santa rosa. napa airport at 33 degrees. san francisco at warmest at 45. 38 san jose. walnut creek 41. that system right in the middle of the country there. there is plenty to talk about. for us though everything is good to go. sunshine today. mostly sunny. few high clouds a little breezy at times. it will be more of a westerly breeze. after the system kind of falls apart. 50s and 60s. kind of a quiet pattern. slightly below average to near average on the temps. they will stay this way. and warmer weather kicks in thursday, friday, and saturday. >> oh my goodness. thank you, steve. >>> 6:11 is the time. oakland couple missing in peru. why there are growing concerns for their safety. >>> also random searchers find more horse meat in a popular retail store chain. the popular item off the menu. >>> why your taxes could be going up if you live in the south bay. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser perm
of the guard in cuba. >> young local couple on a trip of the lifetime and they santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning, palo alto police are looking for an armed man who tried to problem someone in a downtown parking garage. this is a sketch of the man wanted for the robbery attempt on friday night. the victim fought back and escaped and the suspect road away on a bicycle. police are investigating whether the suspect is involved in three other recent robberies in the palo alto area. >> reward is set up for a bay area couple who disappeared while traveling in peru. it has been a month since anyone has heard from jamie neal and garrett hand. co-workers of jamie neal have set up a reward fund for their whereabouts. flyers have been posted and the state department warned of potential kidnappings targeting americans in mid-february. >> i don't think they are just lost. i think something is wrong. >> we are functioning as a businesslike -- business, just like normal but there is a cloud^. >> they hope the reward will grow and it is set up where anyone who
on a bus. and that small act of defiance is what started the civil rights movement decades ago. rosa parks found her way in the u.s. capital yesterday for her brave act of defiance will never be forgotten. >> it is about time. >> looking good right there in the capital. >>> later this half hour, a 4-year-old boy who gets around in a wheelchair really wants to go faster. and his athletic aspirations, how his dream became reality. this is our "favorite story of the day." and we don't have to tell you why. >> that's a cute kid. are you kidding me? oh, man. stay tuned for that. >> that's adorable. >>> but first, the big news of the day. pope benedict now just hours away from leaving his post, a move he says he's making of his own free will. benedict will offer one last blessing today once he reaches his new temporary residence. >> and there is the vatican. another sunny morning there. that's a live look outside. in his final public audience, we saw a pope perhaps relishing his chance to say goodbye. abc's george stephanopoulos is there. >> reporter: it was a last glimpse, a last chance to hear
, jess. current temperatures starting to drop. 39 in santa rosa. 41 in livermore. a little milder in the south bay, with 47 in san jose. let's get you outside our camera network. you can see from downtown san francisco, to the best bridge. testing the bay lights on right now. and we have the full moon with the excellent visibility. not expecting a fog event for tomorrow. you'll be able to see the full moon early enough. getting the kids down to the bus stop, getting yourselves early to work. temperatures in the mid-30s. the coldest in the north bay, with 35 in santa rosa. 36 in napa. and mid-30s back to the east bay. almaden valley, 40. and you'll need a jacket from san jose to los gatos. daytime highs awesome for tuesday. 65 in san jose. morgan hill with 66. also, ever green, and if you like that, you're going to love the seven-day forecast. temperatures going up even a little more. tuesday, back to the trivalley, 64 in dublin. 68 in walnut creek. and hayward and fremont. on the peninsula. an ocean breeze will keep you in the low 60s. here is the problem. the allergies are going
conditions. also more mild. with some 30's for the north bay. 30's in napa, santa rosa, concord, 35 degrees in livermore. mainly in the 40's out the door. and the afternoon, 60s. 65 and palo alto. campbell. cupertino. 60s and san jose. low 60s for the east bay shore. concord, and also 66 in pittsburgh. pleasanton, livermore, closer to the coast. breezy conditions and will be chilly. and a range of 60s for the north bay. 66 degrees in napa. a look at your extended forecast with very similar to what we saw today. and a slight warming on wednesday but that role warming trend will continue thursday, friday with temperatures in the upper 60s. fairly widespread 70's. changes returning to the forecast for the weekend. ski breezes will return and cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. sea breezes -- said he breezes. and even the rental chances on sunday. seabury's is possible with rainfall chances on sunday. gabe slate tech report >> here are your tech headlines if somebody is going to purchase an interest smart phone. it you want to wait. samsung has the next galaxy s4 has been on sale march. ste
's pretty much wet. we'll see changes this week but not immediately. tomorrow morning gray skies again. rosa. tomorrow afternoon, 58 degrees in san jose. and some sun and clouds. 54 on the coast in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 55 degrees, north bay, clear lake, 58 degree as long with napa. into east bay you're going to degrees in monterey. up to 60 degrees in salinas. here is the accu-weather governoring mid-50s low 60s, cooler weather. showers arriving slight chance of showers on friday morninging. you can see cooling trend into this time period. weekend looking dry and milder, we'll keep it on the dry side monday looking at that accu-weather forecast. we haven't seen much in the way of rain. now into february and remember these umbrellas? go, find your umbrellas you'll be needing those friday, and also bli into friday. live from the roof of the broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. dan, snirl5[am umbrellas are hee somewhere. and this is okay in terms of rain total autos we're about 94 to 106% of average. snow pack is going down at 84% of normal. so we need rain z we need the snow.
and to the coast but the fog is a concern in santa rosa because of the temperatures being at 31 so black ice is possible. everyone else is above freezing with 30's and 40's around oakland and san francisco. temperatures today from two to seven degrees above average. sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's and near 70's on thursday and and near 70's on thursday and fr [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>> you are looking at the first interview with little ethan. ethan's mother right there, speaking out to dr. phil, about her son's six harrowing days as a hostage. a lot of information from her how her son was treated. he fed him fried chicken. and we'll have the latest on how ethan is right now. >>> hello to
definition east bay cam, a nice seth sun there. a very still bay. right now santa rosa, 54. 54 in napa. concord, 57. and gilroy, 54 degrees. here's a look at the forecast highlights, and you need to pay attention because we have some big changes coming up. low clouds and fog will re-develop overnight. partly cloudy conditions, much cooler temperatures, as we head into monday. we're going to drop as much as ten degrees in some spots, and then the rain will return as we head into tuesday, and then the notice the very low snow levels. here's a look at pacific satellite. this is the clearing we have now. this is the low cloudiness and the fog. we're getting into more of an onshore wind component, so anything out here is going to move inland, and it's going to be the cold front to the north and west that is going to usher in winter rains on tuesday, and also a very -- 0 colder air mass than what we have been used to the past three to four days. here's a look at the timing. tuesday, 5:00 a.m. we'll noise a few scatters showers but check it out. here comes fro cold front, 9:00 a.m. heaviest r
s so far. by the afternoon, sunshine and 60s in the coastline. 67 degrees in santa rosa. 66 in oakland, and 66 also in san jose. looking like a great weekend. maybe some rain, though, late next week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >>> the super bowl is a super challenge foresecurity. former fbi insider gives us access inside the preparations that's only on "cbs morning news," he'll show us what the government is doing to protect new orleans. >>> if you want to see the history and romance of this great city, just ride the whale. >> new orleans thinks of it as a streetcar named progress ready just in time for the super bowl. i'm mark strassmann and we're going to take you for a ride and taste of the real new orleans ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the hilton hhonors any weekend anywhere sale. visit sale. visit e as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty f
. little bit of a breeze over the bay, as well. 59 degrees in concord right now. 59 in santa rosa. 58 in san jose. a low 50s at the coastline right now. it's looking good toward mount diablo and really into the afternoon. lots of sunshine for everyone these temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year. a few more clouds overnight tonight. and then it looks like some dry weather coming our way but maybe a little cooler into saturday. high pressure right now sitting out across the pacific and along the west coast but you can already see the storm system riding over the top of the ridge the one that moves through later on tonight cooling us down on saturday. but by sunday, those temperatures are going to pop right back up as high pressure builds in. overnight tonight, we are expecting a few more clouds to roll in across our skies and we are going to keep things dry here but it's going to pass through tomorrow morning and move out of town so once that moves on by it looks like before a good day on saturday. a little bit blustery at the coas
in the sun. 63 in walnut creek. back for san francisco, a high of 60 for you and 62 in santa rosa. we have the pollen that is not going to budget. no rain in the forecast, moderate to high, unfortunately if you are set for allergies, saturday and sunday, mid 60s, then as we go through monday. we get another system moving by, it will be so weak, no rainfall with it for us. then for tuesday. morning fog comes back and cloud cover there on wednesday and for thursday and friday, it's staying sunny. and look at that, by next thursday, spring will officially arrive in 20 days. we have had spring weather. so i do not know what kind of a huge indicator that will be when it finally gets here. >> it will probably rain every day. >> hope to get spring showers. >> that is what is going to happen. still ahead the feds jump in, why lance armstrong is now being accused of using taxpayer money for doping. >> and the first lady, wow, having fun, showing off moves. we have a preview of the performance that will air tonight. >> the department of justice s has -- landis accuses armstrong of using performanc
now in concord, low 60s for oakland and livermore, middle 60s in santa rosa. a beautiful day in sanoma county. san san jose. we have the radar fired up and the national radar service in the south bay. as you would expect we are completely dry. now, in january, february, combine the two months we average 21 cloudy days. that is really not that bad considering that it is wintertime. this january and february we have had only four cloudy days and i am pretty confident we will they that way for the rest of february. we are talking 59 days, only four of them cloudy. it will be cheer tonight, that will lead the chill he temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms
valley. santa rosa 64. alameda 64 degrees. how about that? how about this for starting off march, friday and saturday in the 70s. just in, some signs that next week we may be wetter but this week no, bone dry. >> thank you. >>> all right. just days before massive budget cuts congress is heading back to work tomorrow. kpix's anne makovec with more. >> reporter: the latest deadline on capitol hill. >> i am calling this murder- suicide of government services and it will crash the economy. >> reporter: $85 billion worth of cuts are set to take effect on friday and congress is in recess. >> we are facing a government shut down and the american people are not going to receive positively to that. we are seeing fragile growth and only congress stands in the way. >> reporter: as usual congress can't agree and it might be us who has to pay. the white house released this list, what we could expect if it comes down. in california we lose $88 million in education funding, putting 1200 jobs at risk. >> this is the spring. you are trying to plan your budget for the fall. with this much chaos from washi
. 63 right now we have started to bounce there and santa rosa, 58 in san jose. and 56 degrees a little breezy into san francisco. those winds picking up a bit more approaching the coastline. you can see the wind in the trees toward mount diablo. breezy at the coast, afternoon sunshine, patchy fog. otherwise, we are looking good. and then some warmer days ahead. in fact, tomorrow the next couple of days start to warm up but by the end of the week we could be talking about temperatures in the 70s. a lot of folks complaining about the pollen out signed and we are running moderate as far as the pollen count right now. so yeah, if you had some trouble with your nose a little sniffling and sneezing that's the reason y everything is blooming right now. we have one cold front passing by one behind it right here helping us suppress this ridge a bit but looks like staying dry for now and probably for the next four to five days. then toward the weekend we'll pick up clouds. temperatures though for today plan on 64 degrees in san jose. about 58 and breez
you notice gilroy at 44. elsewhere we are be looking at cooler numbers to the north in santa rosa, 40. but we should stay from about 40 to the lower 50s this morning. as you head on out you may need the jacket because it is a bit on the wet side. this will continue to wish to the south. so with a few sprinkles in the forecast this morning it will become breezy and sunny this afternoon. the warmer day of the weekend will be tomorrow. once again, an extended dry period. it looks like the entire work week, upcoming work week, as we round out february, will be dry. friday begins march and also dry. look the cloud cover, how warm we are this morning. warmer than yesterday. 14 degrees warmer than yesterday in napa and fairfield. 11 degrees warmer on the coast and visibility right now not such of a problem. five miles san jose. so here's a look at that front. it's a weak one, mainly associated cloud cover and and that low level moisture will continue to push to the the south of us. as it does, behind it we will get that northerly wind flow. that continues to bring the dryer air. scour out th
and windy. it did help temperatures to warm up to 68 in santa rosa. cooler in san jose with 61 for you. 67 in gilroy. 63 in livermore. a look right now at the current temperatures we're starting to drop off the immediate coastline, a slight onshore wind. 52 in san mateo and plenty of 50s in the east bay. in fact, already close to the 40s right now in pleasanton. outside to our live hd sky camera network. you get to spend too much time outside today, here is your window to the outside world. it looks incredible for tonight. not a whole lot of haze. a cold front moved through this weekend and that did help our air quality to improve. however, with only trace amounts of rain early saturday morning we didn't have enough to clean out the pollen so that will be continually a problem, very high pollen forecast. a look right now at what we have happening, the jet stream. the storm track which steers all of our activity, continues to push way up into alaska. this really is just unheard of this time of the year. we've seen less than two inches for most spots in all of 2013 when it comes to rainfall.
hearing scheduled at the same time. >>> rosa parks made history in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white person and move to the back of the bus. today, a statue of parks arrived at the us capital. it's the first full-sized statue in the capital's collection of more than 180 statues. earlier today, i spoke to the sculptor who created this piece of art and tried to get him to share a few details about what we can expect. >> she looks beautiful. everybody's going to love her. she looks like rosa parks, and she's in a pose that's, i don't think, will surprise anybody, but it does have a little -- there's a little something different that i don't think people have seen before. >> and the reason he can't share much is because they're trying to save it all for wednesday's unveiling ceremony. but according to the architect at the capital's office, the statue is bronze with a black granite base. all together, it's 9 feet tall and weighs 2700 pounds. >>> more to come about the shooting spree on the las vegas strip. >> later on the news edge, metro bus drivers are used to passengers
of civil rights pioneer, rosa parks. it am have a black, granite pedestal and weigh some 2700 pounds. president obama will speak at an unveiling ceremony next week. rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white bus passenger in the 1950s, leading to a bus boycott in montgomery, alabama. >>> time now for a quick look at some of the stories yule find in the -- you'll find in the baltimore sun. >>> underarmour makes a power play by taking rival nike to court. >>> why it's becoming hard to find baltimore's favorite berger cookies. >>> and tomorrow's spring training opening game. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. >>> it could be an old table, or even a painting or jewelry. if you love antiques, the crown plaza in timonium is the place to be this weekend. ron matz has more on an antique show with a purpose. >> the rambler garden. >> reporter: from old signs to valuable desks. and duck decoys. this is a maryland antique show. where there's somethi
a triple homicide. the bodies were discovered yesterday in a small town northwest of santa rosa. this is video from the scene, detective say the victims were shot to death in the bedroom of a home they say it appears they were targeted and one was associated with a denant a man looking for his brother said he discovered the bodies around 3:15 yesterday afternoon. now the highways, sue? >> we have a couple of accidents, or a stalled big rig still southbound 680 at 242 and an accident southbound 680 is jammed this morning in pleasant hill from highway four on 242, and an early accident has been cleared westbound san mateo bridge on on on -- on that approach has been >> we have sunshine. look at the embarcardero and the ferry building awash in sunshine. it is cooler. frosty 32 in santa rosa and 33 in napa and 38 in san jose and low-to-mid 40's in oakland and san francisco. mid-to-upper 50's today and raining this time tomorrow in the bay area with scattered showers on friday. have a great day. ♪ >>> britney spears right there. she could be headed for a major career reinvention. f
. and fairfield. vallejo, the same low mid 60s. san francisco even 60s. mid-60s for the north bay. santa rosa, napa. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay no rainfall in sight. look for a few clouds monday, wednesday and thursday. with three different systems that could impact us. we could see some high clouds but mostly sunny skies. look for temperatures to warm on saturday and sunday. temperatures returning to the 70's. police departments on the peninsula are hoping that their latest gun buyback event will reduce the number of guns in the community. hundreds of people turned out for saturday's gun buyback event at east palo alto city hall. police from east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto paid anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars in exchange for handguns, rifles and assault weapons. authorities say they will return any stolen weapons to their rightful owners. the other guns will be destroyed. >> meanwhile in palo alto, gun control advocates came together saturday. they are pushing for new control gun laws in washington. congresswoman jackie spear of san mateo echoed president obama's sta
it back on. 88% in santa rosa. san jose, 74 but not far away. you can find greater amounts there. that's what goes down in the books. today, dry forecast and then by wednesday. thursday and friday, low to mid- 70s on the high temperatures. i think it will carry into saturday. clear, cold, some inland low. temperatures near 32. a little cooler thatten we saw on sunday. san francisco's high was yesterday. i dropped you to 58 because the low cloud deck is there. 40s, 54 and i think you will notice a cooler pattern today than on sunday. this system is ramped up a little bit of the low cloud deck. 30s for many, inland, even some 30s by the coast. a little bit more in the way of 40s but even oakland airport is at 43. down in the deep south, a whopper system there. more snow falling 0 the back side, wichita, panhandle, it's severe weather. a lot of flights being canceled in oklahoma city. wil rogers airport. if you have travel planser that. there's the system. it will give -- travel plans there. there's the system. 50, 60s, coast and bay. a few 60s inland. very quiet. a little bit warmer towa
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want on your weekend. i hear you. 38 in santa rosa. start for tomorrow, 34 in napa. you'll need the jacket up into wine country. 36 in livermore. 45 in san francisco and also 37 in redwood city. daytime highs on saturday look like this in the south bay we're going to top out at 60 in los gatos. 62 in morgan hill. you'll notice the south bay that did get into the upper 60s today is going to be slightly cooler from that weak system as it passes by in the early morning hours. 59 in the castro valley. 53 in walnut creek. 60 in dublin and for san francisco, you want to check out tyler florence's restaurant, some great weather by the afternoon and also 60. 62 in santa rosa. the problem will not be, of course, the weather for this weekend but the allergy forecast. it will remain moderate to high. what we need to get this to get a lot better would be rainfall. unfortunately, that's not happening over the next three days. temperatures will warm up by sunday with mostly sunny skies. then as we head throughout next week, what you'll find is cloud cover increases for the beginning of the we
around the bay area today. warmest places santa rosa and fairfield. tomorrow a few extra clouds. second half of the week, 60s and 70s in the forecast. from dry seven-day forecast, at least through next saturday. >> thanks, rob. >>> did you feel it this morning? new this morning, a small earthquake shook the south bay and east bay while many people were still sleeping. i know i slept through it. the 3.0 magnitude quake struck around fremont around 2:00 this morning. there are no reports of damage. just a few rattled nerves. >>> now, to a developing story in the search for east bay tourist missing in south america. the east bay couple was last seen in peru almost a month ago. this morning family and friends of 25-year-old garrett hand and 27-year-old jamie neil say they're getting more concerned by the hour. neill's co-workers say she spent months planning a cycling trip through south america. the couple left in november for the five-month adventure and had been chronicling their trip on facebook. but the posts stopped on january 25th and the two have not been heard from since. everyone w
if you can't speak up, write out. if you can't write out, participate. or do like rosa. find a way to sit and get in the way. do as rosa parks. make a difference. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >> wild rover. let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. scared of its own shadow. that's how scared the republican party is. the latest, if you can believe it, karl rove, the architect of the debokle. the valerie wilson affair. last and not least, bush's brain with neither honor nor irony. well, this same karl rove has just declared plans to keep the republican party what he and she wants to do, vote for the most right wing candidate in site. bush's brain is now mocking the republican brain with his announcement that henceforth he, not those primary caucus voters will select the best candidates for senate and other high offices. he, the architect will design the winning republican offering for 2014. what this says is that the mightiest mus in the republican party happens to lost his faith in the party. he and she will throw
tomorrow. 53 in the sunset district. north bay, mainly upper 50s and santa rosa, 60 degrees. inland east bay upper 50s as well. near monterey bay, upper 50s and perhaps about the 60 degrees in salinas, gets cooler as the woke goes on. a good chance of showers thursday, maybe some lingering showers across the area, over the weekend more sunshine and warming up a little bit over the weekend. >> okay. >> thank you. >> coming up next abc 7 news i team looks into the safety of the beef you may be serving for dinner. >> what the future holds for >> what the future holds for candle stick park once 49ersñ!ñs all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> historic drake's bay os sister farm will have to close while it fights a decision that could shut it down permanently. the judge denied a request to allow it to contin
-15 miles-per-hour gusts. the higher elevations. santa rosa right now, 42. los gatos, 47. here's a look at the forecast highlights. tone with breezy conditions overnight. keep things clear. more sunshine for your sunday. less wind. and that will translate to milder temperatures. the numbers come up a few degrees tomorrow and then get ready for a mild to even warm period as we head into the latter part of next week. cold temperatures, remember the wind is going to die down but temperatures will be a little colder in the north bay and east bay valley areas. look for overnight lows, mid-to-upper 30s. 40s elsewhere, san francisco, 40. here's a look at the satellite. and throughout the course of the evening high pressure slowly starting to build in. this this storm track, and as this high builds in, all of this will be pushed up into canada to get ready for sunshine for sunday. the wind will die down a bit. temperatures up a few more degrees and looks like the clouds will stay out of the region throughout the course of the day. here's a look at the forecast animation. by 7:00 tomorrow mornin
elevations. santa rosa right now, 42. los gatos, 47. here's a look at the forecast highlights. tone with breezy conditions overnight. keep things clear. more sunshine for your sunday. and thatind. and that will translate to milder temperatures. the numbers come up a few degrees tomorrow and then get ready for a mild to even warm period as we head into the latter part of next week. cold temperatures, remember the wind is going to die down but temperatures will be a little colder in the north bay and east bay valley areas. look for overnight lows, mid-to-upper 30s. 40s elsewhere, san francisco, 40. here's a look at the satellite. and throughout the course of the evening high pressure slowly starting to build in. this this storm track, and as this high builds in, all of this will be pushed up into canada to get ready for sunshine for sunday. the wind will die down a bit. temperatures up a few more degrees and looks like the clouds will stay out of the region throughout the course of the day. here's a look at the forecast animation. by 7:00 tomorrow morning we're clear, and then through
to the west of santa rosa and by afternoon, sunshine. winds out. tuesday and wednesday. different days but really the same forecast here. just looking at high clouds going on by. that's about all gotting to go get through. s that a hide builds back, underneath it you continue can't to go up. 30s and starting tomorrow morning, a bill chilly. t-shirt tomorrow perhaps. 60s around san jose. 65 and sples santa ana tonight valley. close to 60 in san francisco. very clikly one of the cooler things we'll see for sdaefr high pressure nonarea and you can see the numbers here, as we head towards the end of the week and into the weekend, it looks like sunday around this time next weekend, a few more clouds and sea breeze. it will cool us off. the seven-day forecast. you're t not going to see it there but towards the dpining of the following week, we hope. we keep saying that every week. we keep thinking it's a little bit more rain and snow. in the meantime, we'll enjoy the 60 degrees. >> yes. >>> still to come at 11:00. didn >>> and the oscar goes to -- >> look at that. some surprising at the acad
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